What is Nights Journey 


Travelling in life, is an essential necessity for all of us. Whilst on that journey, It can be a time to reflect, experience, anticipate sometimes even endeavour, the unknown. 


Nights Journey was born with all the hours travelling the globe. Listening to music that complimented the travelling experience, ‘expressively’ when traveling at night. Walking, car, public transport, aircraft, even animal, when one is travelling at night, it has a unique feeling, even magical. 

I remember when I was my younger self, I was travelling with my family on a long haul, night time flight. I couldn’t sleep. I noticed everyone close to me, on the flight, were all fast asleep. I was listening to my music player (a Sony CD Walkman at the time), while looking out of the airplane window. Outside, was pitch-black. Above us was the bright moon, glowing with its moon light on the clouds below. The tip of the wing with its blinking light. Above us the total darkness of space, with only a few key stars illuminating through the earths atmosphere. It was at that point in my life, I realised travelling had a sense of personal ‘reason’. 

Regardless of the destination, and reason for the journey. The passage of travel itself, is also a fluid motion of our human existence. When experienced with the right mindset and personal reflection. The journey can last longer in memory with greater meaning, than the experience at your destination.

This is Nights Journey