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TOP 20/20 Finals 001.  

What a journey it has been. With a great collection of artists craftsmanship, for our very first top 20/20 finals 001. 

I would like to wish the best of luck to all the fantastic artists, for their music they have dedicated their time to create, Thank you. 


I would also like to thank the viewers and listeners, which I call my friend listeners. Without you, this would not be happening so. Thank You, and my big love to you all.


Lets Begin...

Its now time to vote!  

How the voting works & rules :-

  1. Voting will work via your IP address  

  2. One vote will be counted per Net-enabled device 

  3. Voting will end on the 24/04/18 at midnight GMT. 

If you want to re-listen to all the tracks again click here 


That's it, don't forget to invite your friends to also join in and vote. Just send them this link via email, social media, Whats-app, sms-text or why not write a letter!





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