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Starting out in its humble beginnings, Nights Journey Radio Show airs on Wednesdays from 20:00 to the late hours. Now Nights Journey brand wants to present the artists live to the audience in venues around the world. A collection of artists and Dj's whom have been influenced with music across the globe which offers the listener with a sense of journey. 


On The Door Tickets : O.T.D. 

Pre Booked Online Tickets : E.B. Early Bird; G.A. General Admission.

Student Discount Tickets : YES (I.D. Required) 

- 001-


Venue :    Nomad

Address : 58 Old St, London, EC1V 9AJ

Event :     Nights Journey Presents - 001

I.D. Required : YES

Starts :     20:00 

Ends :      01:00 

Lineup :  LAUTREC

                MIKE BECKER 

                DAN PATRICK  

                RICHARD BRADE 


Tickets :  BUY NOW

   £ GBP: O.T.D.16 pre-booked E.B. 9 G.A. 13 Student YES (ID REQ)


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