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Winners Top 20/20 001.

The Juan McLean, Britney Majure for


Place Called





The Show 

Nights Journey 

Lets Begin 

Each week we showcase chillout and mild tempo artists and their music. The show is crafted to provide a feeling of, movement and relaxation. 

Nights Journey has two types of show formats. The Show and Segments. The Show, is like most ordinary radio shows with a presenter and music. With key current news and industry updates.

Segments, is our dedicated section for in-depth knowledge, and latest information. It relates, to our dedicated music genre, and the industry talents.  

Song Tune Track Of the Week + Releases

mid way

The Show will present a "Track Of The Week," that will be entered into our top 20 finals. 

New for 2018, "The Show" will be showcasing the latest weeks release/s including new unreleased music with the artists consent. 

Thoughtful Motion 

2nd hour 

Nights Journey Shows are designed to present the feeling of the motion of travel. 


The music has a motion of movement, considred thought and reflection.  The Show spans across the entire spectrum of music genres, and decades. 

Timeless, is our focus for The Shows music set lists, yet current artists and music works, will be the main elements on the show.  



Tube Microphone in Studio

Interviews and latest news

Nights Journey has three diffrent segment formats On-Air / Performance / Live. On-Air is our live interviews and latest news, direct with the artists and music industry talents. 

Keep visiting this section to keep posted about our future On-Air Segment shows.  

On Air Sign

Mixes and guest performances  

Nights Journey Segments - Performance, will showcase all artists and Nights Journey host, performing live mixes and live production events, within diffrent locations throughout London and U.K.  

Mixer Desk

Live studio performances 

Nights Journey Segments - Live, will present to you, live studio production by the artists within our music genre. Allowing listeners, the opportunity to see the individual artists and their live studio performances, or studio recordings, behind the scenes.  

On Our Radar 


Boards of Canada are a Scottish electronic music duo consisting of brothers Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin.


Thomas Gandey is an English electronic music producer, vocalist, keyboard player and DJ born on 21 March 1976, known for work under his own name as well as under his Cagedbaby pseudonym.


GoGo Penguin are a band from Manchester, UK, featuring pianist Chris Illingworth, bassist Nick Blacka, and drummer Rob Turner. Their music incorporates elements of electronica, trip-hop, jazz, rock and classical music.



Yuji Takenouchi (竹ノ内 裕治 Takenouchi Yūji, born February 25, 1969) is a Japanese composer and sound designer.

BrandNew Day

Kelly Lee Owens is a London based producer, song writer, singer known for shadowy but resonant  techno pop. 

Kelly Lee 

36 36 (pronounced three-six) is the ambient / experimental project of Dennis Huddleston from the United Kingdom. 

Black Soma
Three six

The Host

Within the music events business, tales have it that the nickname O.S.M. was short for One Shot Magoo. Magoo, being due to low vision, and One Shot, according to sources, means he can only deal with a low amount of beverage before becoming close to being inebriated. That's how the nickname One Shot Magoo was created. 

One Shot Magoo (a.k.a. Richard Brade), has been working within the electronic music industry for many years. He is now, the founder and host for Nights Journey "The Show." In his early years to the present, he works within lighting, (for events across London,) in many interantional well known establishments. 


Spending hours working with artists such as; Ludovico Einaudi, Jon Hopkins, John Digweed, Sasha, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Guy Gerber, Amê, Craig Richards, Terry Francis, Lee Pennington, Tale Of Us, Sub Focus, Jamie XX, Will Saul, Icarus, Ben UFO, In Flagranti, vision quest. 2020 vision, Black Coffee, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Beardy Man, Floating Points, and recently Bicep including lots more artists.


"My music inspiration has been an amalgamation of all the talents I have listened too, and worked along side, throughtout my life. However, my personal, magical, experience, has to go with my personal witnessing of the audience. The guests ,that come to listen and experience the artists at work, truly make the event come alive. That single element is and has always has been (other than the birth of my own child) the most captivating, emotional, and exhilarating experience, I have ever come bear to witness." 


"Today the music I broadcast, intends to follow that same magical path. Playing now to my own collection of listeners (you). Music of human movement, inspiration, triumph, and the passage that we each share, that of life's journey itself."

Welcome to Nights Journey.

My music interests were born and raised in Manchester, it grew and matured in London

Richard Brade


Show Set List

Nights Journey

Three of a Kind 


Mass - Edit 

puzzle - Call Super's garden 

Southern Mind - Black Cab Remix

Mt. Airy Groove 

I've Seen ...

Can't Run Today 


Lost In Japan 


Work (feat. Pongo)

Morph - Original Mix 





Hotel Delmano 


Night Flight 

Ma Ato 

We Were Riding High - 


Afro Celt Sound System


Kuniyuki Takahashi


Pieces Of A Dream

Dzihan & Kamien

Mees Dierdorp


Satin Jackets

Whitesquare *

Kazy Lambist


Burnt Friedman

Catching Flies





Arthur Miles


Rodriguez Jr. Remix Timo Maas

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