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You have reached our hire page. With our understanding that you are already aware of our music blends and style of our shows.  We can provide two experiences for your private event.

We offer a Show experience, which will showcase an ecletic range of music from mild chill-out, building up to a considered mild tempo music. Alternatively, we can provide our Segment experience. Which is our dedicated event experience where music and production is fully considered, to reflect and enhance the experience of your event production. 


We focus on the music, which can include the following musical genres; Chill-out, atmospheric, soundscapes, jazz, acid jazz, tranquil, modern classical, outer orbital, cultural, ambience and movement.     

Make Contact, our pricing (private hire) starts at *£550pd for hire only.


We can also provide alternative services, such as, public live audience events, and **music compilation services for retail and other end users experiences. All prices for alternative services are (POA) price on application.

All events public and private, that hire our services. Have the full use and permissions, to use Nights Journey, name and brand icon, for marketing and advertising purposes. 



*Price doesn't include for events; equipment, board, & logistics.

**For recording services, our hire fee's doesn't include equipment, recording studios, board, logistics & consultancy services. 


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